This breathtaking way to see Wells Gray Park is provided by Fritz and
    Ursula at Wells Gray Air Services. In one amazing flight, you'll understand
    just how vast and spectacular the Wells Gray Wilderness is.
    I highly recommend the One hour flight for its stunning views of
    Braithewaite Icefield and Hobson Lake. See areas of the park that man
    rarely, if ever, sets foot in. Alpine vistas (home to Grizzly bears, Mountain
    Goats, and Caribou), and mountains, lakes and glacier views normally
    associated with places like the Rockies, the Alps, and remote areas of Alaska.

    Fritz and Ursula Schaer
    Aspen Hill, Box 9008, Clearwater, BC, V0E 1N0  Canada
    [email protected]
    phone:1 250 674 3115
Wells Gray Air Services is located at
Aspen Hill on the Wells Gray Park
Road, 28 km north of Clearwater.
Generally in operation from April to
October from 8:00am until sunset.
They speak English, German and
Wells Gray from the Air