Our Green
We may look after one of the largest Greenspaces in the
province, but that doesn't mean we take it easy on being Green.

Blackwell Park Operations is committed to trying to do business
in an environmentally friendly way, while still offering you a
clean, safe and enjoyable camping, canoeing, and hiking

    Some of ways we try to be Green:
    • By using solar and wind power to supply electricity (instead of
    generators) at our remote locations
    • By using less polluting Honda fourstroke outboard motors and
    landscaping equipment
    • By using a natural solution of vinegar, salt and biodegradable  
    soap to control weeds, avoiding chemicals altogether and reducing the
    need for gas powered landscaping equipment
    • By using environmentally friendly cleaning products, such as AIO and
    Apriza from Zep Manufacturing.
    • We use waste reduction enzymes and bacterial products, like Sanizyme
    and BioBathroom from Zep Manufacturing,  that reduce the need
    to remove sewage from the park and dump it in landfills.
    • By using paper products that contain a percentage of recycled material.
    • By using office supplies from  Frogfile - the green office supply.
    • By offering you more opportunities to recycle. This year we will
    double the availability of recycling bins, next year we will add
    even more.
    • By running modern, well serviced vehicles, and running them less.
    Newer vehicles pollute less than comparable ones manufactured even
    just 10 years ago. We are exploring the use of electric and hybrid
    vehicles for some duties - hopefully we can have them on the road in
    the next year or so.   
    How can you help us go greener?
    •  Recycle what you bring with you - we still remove about 60% of the
    refundable containers disposed of in the park from trash cans.
    •  Bring less, and take it home when you go. The more garbage you bring
    into the park, the more we have to deposit in landfills - buy smart, pack
    smart, and take all your recyclables back to your local community
    recycling program.
    • Hike and canoe more, drive and powerboat less - it’s that simple.
    • Get rid of your old generators and switch your RV to solar - you’ll
    annoy your neighbours less and go greener.
    • Don’t litter - and pick up other people's when you see it.
    • Have smaller campfires, and have them less often.
    And most important of all “take nothing but
    pictures, leave nothing but footprints”.
If you have any questions about our
green policies, or would like to make
suggestions to make things even better -
drop us an