Mahood Lake, Off the Beaten Path
    The Stats
    Campsites: 37, plus 2
    group sites
    Facilities: running
    filtered water,  boat
    launch, playground,
    beach, swimming
    Average use:  10
    units May, June, and
    September; 18 July
    and August.
    What to see: Canim
    Falls, Whale Lake,
    Deception Falls,
    Sylvia Falls, Fishing.
    Useful Info

    CELLPHONES DON'T WORK. The nearest pay phone is
    back down the road about 10 km away, ask park staff for
    directions. We do have internet on site now, but you need to
    ask staff  to use it, and it better be important.

    Local information Radio is CHNL at 610AM, but the signal
    is weak. You can also try CKBX at 860AM.

    Mahood Lake offers a family friendly camping experience,
    with picnic tables and fire rings at every campsite, as well
    as outhouses, clean running water and other facilities.
    It  has a large mowed field, a beach with swimming area,
    and a large playground.  

    Campsites are patrolled and maintained daily.

    The nearest stores, gas, and other services are at Forest
    Grove and 100 Mile House, though a local store is
    sometimes open, ask PFO staff for info.
    Mahood Lake FAQ's

    What is the elevation(how high above sea level are we)?
    Mahood Lake itself is 630m, or about 2070 feet.

    Were can I see a bear?
    Mahood Lake is in prime Black Bear country.  Visitors quite often see bears, deer and other animals on their long drive to the
    campground.  Bears inside the park are less common, due to all the people around.

    Are there any stores/gas stations in the park?  
    Forest Grove has the nearest amenities.

    Nearest Phones?
    Ask our staff to use ours ...

    Will cell phones work in the park?

    Are there hook-ups in the park (water and electricity for motor homes)?

    Not at this time.

    Sani-stations for dumping septic tanks/ gray water?
    The nearest one is in 100 Mile House.

    Running water?  

    Where can I get firewood?
    Firewood can be purchased from park staff at a cost of $6 per bin (approx. 2 cubic feet)
    Burn only firewood you have brought with you or that you purchase from park staff. Removing trees and branches from the forest
    floor is a violation of the Park Act and will result in a fine.

    Are dogs allowed in the park?
    Yes, dogs are allowed, but must be kept on a leash.

    Other things banned from the park include but are not limited to:
    Unlicensed / uninsured motorbikes i.e. Quads, dirt bikes, ATV’s
    Horses without a permit.

    Can I camp on the lake?  
    There are some non-maintained campsites at the other end of the lake that can only be reached by boat.

    How much does it cost to stay in the park?
    All drive in campsites are basically $16 dollars per night, per vehicle (see registration sign for details.)

    Nonpayment of fees is grounds for eviction or fines under the Park Act.

    Can I pay with my Credit Card? yes.

    What’s a good short hike I can take (2 hours or less)?
    Canim Falls is a spectacular short hike.
    Deception Falls - one of the shorter hikes, and very easy

    What’s a good medium hike I can take (1-3 hours)?
    Whale Lake - it has a beaver dam at one end, and trout.

    Mahood Lake Provincial Park- reserve

    What you need to know:

    Mahood Lake Park can be reached by several different routes,
    the most common one being from 100 Mile House via Forest
    Grove and the South Canim Lake Road.  It's an 88 km drive
    mostly on pavement.

    You can also access the park off Highway 24 near Interlakes
    Corner, just follow the signs, the distance is roughly the same.  
    A third route can be taken from Clearwater on Road 2,  but as
    part of this route passes through private property, access may
    be restricted.  

    Unofficially, camping fees are currently 16 dollars per vehicle
    per night, but all sorts of conditions apply (BC Seniors rates,
    second vehicles), so see the signs at the park for exact details
    on what you're required to pay.

    You can also choose to reserve your camping spot ahead of
    time and prepay your reservation at
    If you have questions about your booking call 1-800-689-9025
    to speak to a reservation agent.

    Firewood is for sale- 6 dollars per large tub.

    two group sites are now availabe for reservations via
Useful tip 1
Go fishing!

Mahood Lake has one
of Wells Grays' more
diverse fish
populations, with
Rainbow and Lake
Trout, Burbot and
Kokanee. Remember to
check your fishing
regulations for all the

Mosquito control
system now in use!
NEW! You can now
reserve at Mahood Lake