Wells Gray for Anglers
How many ways can you say
Pretty much every lake or stream in and around  Wells
Gray has fish in it. Lots of rainbow trout, the occasional
Dolly Varden or Kokanee, and in the fall, salmon.
    Fly Fishing

    Pick a waterfall on Azure Lake, a creek
    mouth on Murtle or Clearwater Lake... or
    drag a fly on Alice or Shadow Lake, all
    are good for a couple of nice trout.

    The truly spectacular spots are all catch
    and release on the upper Clearwater
    River, areas around Bailey's Chute, and
    the Horseshoe, many that can be walked
    into and fished from shore.  

    In late September, experienced fast water
    fishermen find paradise on the lava beds
    at the south end of Clearwater Lake - not
    for the poorly equipped or faint of heart.
    It's nice to watch someone else do, but I
    won't recommend it to anyone.

    Ask the Boat Tour folks, the Marine
    Patrols on the lakes, and the local fly
    shops to find out what's biting and where.

    Think size 6-8 hooks.

    Favorite flies:
    Muddler Minnows (deer hair with gold or
    silver wrap)
    Leech and Dragonfly Nymph patterns,
    especially in the smaller lakes like Placid
    and Alice.

    Try dry patterns on the river, like Sedges
    and Damsel Flies. Nothing too big.

    Fly fishing for Salmon? You're braver
    than me.
    Fishing from your boat
    Trolling the drop offs, cliff bottoms, past
    waterfalls, and river mouths seems like
    the thing to do. The north end of
    Clearwater Lake, west end of Azure,
    and around Rainbow Falls are all popular

    Dragging a spinner behind your canoe
    when paddling to your next campsite will
    get you  trout dinner about half the time.

    Mahood Lake sees few fishermen, and
    has a great variety of fish, so if you're
    looking for an untapped fishing spot, this
    might be your best bet.

    The Rainbow Trout (and other species)
    in these lakes are pretty uncomplicated
    fish - the most common mistake I see is
    people using gear too big for the fish.
    Small #6 or #8 hooks, smaller flatfish and
    spinners, willow leaf, wedding ring and
    worm combos seem to catch trout.

    Depth in some of these lakes also seems
    critically important, so play around with
    your trolling depth a bit, it may improve
    your chances.
    Local Tackle Shacks
    The really good one is the Little Fort Fly Shop, at the Highway 5 and Highway 24 junction in Little Fort.
    Think local knowledge. It's also the only shop in the area dedicated solely to fishing.

    Fishing tackle (and usually licences) can also be purchased in Clearwater at the new shop next to Fields?,
    Home Hardware, and Super Save Gas. A few other places carry a bit of stuff, but those are the main

    Fishing licenses can be purchased online - there is free Internet service at the Shell gas station on Highway
    5 in Clearwater, and at the Clearwater and Blue River public libraries.

    In Blue River, the supermarket has some fishing related items.
Diamond Lagoon
Bailey's Chute Salmon
22 inch Rainbow Trout from Murtle Lake
    Murtle Lake Hot
    Strait Creek and File
    Creek have been
    known to let loose a
    few 12+ pound trout,  
    and the occasional 1-2
    pound Kokanee.
    You can catch trout
    just about anywhere,
    but the creek and river
    mouths are nearly sure

    Don't believe me? I
    spoke with a canoeist
    last summer who
    caught and released
    over 70 trout in just 6
    hours on his paddle
    from Diamond Lagoon
    to the canoe launch!  
Photo: Zowie