Your Base Camp for Adventure!
    The Stats:
    NorthThompson - 60 campsites
    Facilities: running filtered water,
    picnic site, First Nations
    Heritage site, playground, river
    Average use: 20 units May, June,
    and September; 50 units July
    and August
    What to see: First Nations pit
    houses, trails, North Thompson
    River, viewpoint

    Spahats - day use only
    Facilities: flush toilets
    What to see: Trails, spectacular
    waterfall, canyon views

    North Thompson Park and Spahats Day Use

    These two parks are located right near Clearwater proper,
    with Spahats about 10 km up the Clearwater Valley road, and
    North Thompson directly off Highway 5 just  south of

    Leave your camp behind at North Thompson and go exploring
    around Clearwater and Wells Gray.

    Here's just some of the things you can do within a half
    hour drive of both of these parks:

    Trophy Mountain and Raft Peak hiking
    White-water rafting
    Guided or unguided fishing
    Horseback riding
    Clearwater Valley trail trekking
    Mountain Biking

    You can also see:
    Silvertip Falls
    Clearwater River features like the Kettle
    Dutch Lake
    Spahats Falls
    The Shaden
    Moul Falls
    Raft River

    ...And that's just the beginning.

    What you need to know:

    North Thompson Park is located off Highway 5 just south of Clearwater,
    while Spahats is located about 10 km north of the Clearwater Info Centre
    on the Clearwater Valley road.

    Camping Fees are currently 21 dollars per vehicle per night, but all sorts
    of conditions apply  (BC Senior's rates, second vehicles), so see the
    signs at the parks for exact details on what you're required to pay.

    You can also choose to reserve your camping spot and prepay your fees
    If you have questions about your reservation call 1-800-689-9025

           Firewood is for sale, 2011 rate is 6 dollars per large tub.

    North Thompson Park also has a Sani-station for RV septic dumping,
    fee is 5 dollars in loonies or toonies per dump.  You need to bring
    The Useful Info:

    CELLPHONES may  work, but there are lots of blackout areas. The
    nearest pay phone is at the Flour Meadow Bakery 9 km away (for
    Spahats), or across from the sani-station (in North Thompson

    Local information Radio is CHNL at either 610 or 1400 on the AM

    North Thompson and Spahats parks offer a family friendly camping
    experience, with picnic tables and fire rings at every campsite, as
    well as outhouses, clean running water and other facilities.

    North Thompson has several playing fields and a large

    Campsites are patrolled and maintained several times daily.

    Stores, gas, and other services are close at hand in Clearwater.
Trophy Mountain
    North Thompson and Spahats Parks FAQ’s
    How big are the parks?

    Not very big, just a few Hectares.

    Were can I see a bear?
    Bears are rare in North Thompson Park, if you see one, alert PFO Staff. Bears are
    more common in and around Spahats Park as it was until recently part of a no
    shooting zone which included the now closed Bear Creek Correctional Centre
    located off the Trophy Mountain road. The best place to see a bear is probably
    along one of the side roads.

    Where can I see a Moose?
    A rare site in both parks, but more likely around Spahats. Deer are common in both
    parks however, as are all sorts of birds and small mammals like rabbits and

    Are there any stores/gas stations in the park?  No.
    Clearwater has the closest amenities.

    Nearest Phones?
    North Thompson - yes, pay phone in park
    Spahats - Clearwater, (Flour Meadow Bakery)

    Will cell phones work in the park?
    Coverage is poor at best - don’t count on it.

    Are there hook-ups in the park
    (water and electricity for motor homes)? No.

    Showers? Not at this time.

    Sani stations for dumping septic tanks/ gray water? Yes, there is one at North
    Thompson Park. Cost is 5 dollars per use.

    Running water? Both parks have running water, all water systems are tested on a
    monthly (or better) basis to ensure your safety.  Water taste and quality is excellent
    in all parks (especially Pyramid - some of the best drinking water I’ve ever tried).

    Where can I get firewood?
    Firewood can be purchased from park staff at a cost of $6 per bin (approx. 2 cubic
    feet). Staff will be selling wood during evening collection shifts, usually between 5:
    30 and 10 pm.  Certain stores (local gas stations also sell firewood, but generally
    at a higher cost for volume)

    Burn only firewood you have brought with you or that you purchase from Park Staff.
    Removing trees and branches from the forest floor is a violation of the Park Act and
    will result in a fine.

    Are dogs allowed in the park? Yes, dogs are allowed, BUT, must be kept on a

    Other things banned from the park include, but are not limited to:
    Personal water craft i.e. Jet skis, Sea-doo’s
    Unlicensed / uninsured motorbikes - i.e. Quads, dirt bikes, ATV’s
    Horses without a permit.

    How much does it cost to stay in the park?
    All drive in campsites are basically $16 dollars per night, per vehicle(see
    registration sign for details.)
    Non-payment of fees is grounds for eviction or fines under the park act.

    Can I pay with my Credit Card or Debit Card?
    No. Cash or Travelers Cheque are the only acceptable forms of payment. Personal
    cheques are not accepted!

    What’s a good short hike I can take (2 hours or less)?
    North Thompson is filled with great short loop trails, all in excellent condition, the
    short trails along the river, and to the viewpoint are exceptionally nice.

    Spahats has lots of intermingled trails to and from the viewpoint, the ones that are
    very nice but get overlooked are the Shaden Viewpoint, and the trails back towards
    the main road that follow Spahats Creek… the towering cedars alone are worth the

    What’s a good medium hike I can take (1-3 hours)?
    The Shaden (Spahats), but check at the info centre for details on this trail, as part
    of it was damaged by a slide in the last few years.
Clearwater River
NEW! You can now
reserve at North
Thompson River Park.