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Greetings fellow nature lovers,

Wells Gray is an amazing Provincial Park!

The 4th largest in Canada.

I want to tell you exciting things about the park but there is just too
much to choose from.  Some highlights include:

Mosquitoes:  They finally have retreated for the summer. The spring
and fall are great times to spend in the park.

Murtle Lake:  The largest paddle only lake in Canada. Chosen by
teenage loons from all across the province as their hang out spot.

Volcanoes:  When visiting Wells Gray be sure to look for volcanic
evidence.  They have shaped many of the features of the park -
especially the waterfalls.

Boat rides and paddling: Canoe rentals at Clearwater lake and
Murtle lake make coasting over the water possible for everyone.  
And for those who like to cruise by machine power there are boat
tours too.

Be a naturalist: Many people are already naturalists and don't even
know it. The only requirement is to let nature be your teacher. So get
out there, look at stuff, compare plants, think about the lives of
animals, find patterns, search for the plant that is tiny, the plant that
is purple, the plant that is plentiful, let your passion flow, share your
discoveries with other people and learn from theirs.    

Enjoy the nature of Wells Gray

The naturalist has left for the year
but the park is still there!
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