Murtle Canoes Rental Service 2012 rates
    Please note: Minimum 2 day rental
    2 days = 50 dollars per day
    3 to 5 days = 45 dollars per day
    6 days plus = 40 dollars per day
    No more roof racks, no more canoe carts! Just pick up  your
    canoe at the Lagoon and go!  

    Email now to reserve a canoe or check availability -
    [email protected]

    (BC Parks camping fees are not included in these rates  - you are required to pre-
    pay your fees at Discover Camping Backcountry Registration or to register and pay
    BC Parks camping fees in cash at the lagoon. Click here for instructions on how to
    pay your camping fees)

    Welcome to Murtle Canoes, a service of Blackwell Parks Ltd.
Why this new service?

    Blackwell Parks Ltd. has been the Park Operator for Murtle Lake since
    2003. Our staff patrol the lake, maintain the trails and campgrounds,
    collect your fees, and help ensure you have a safe and fun experience.

    We've seen several canoe rental outfitters come and go. Our
    customers have asked us time and time again for another option in
    canoe rentals, so finally in 2009 we bowed to their requests and started
    a rental service of our own. This is a small operation - limited to 22
    How it works:
    1. All bookings must be made in advance via email -
    Why? Murtle Lake is very remote - there is no phone or Internet service. We have to
    relay your confirmed booking in by messenger to our staff on the lake.

    2. You will need to meet our staff at the lagoon to
    pick up your canoes at the daily prearranged
    meeting time - between 11 am and noon
    Why? We cannot store the canoes at the Lagoon or the parking lot, so we bring
    them out to you from our cabin on the lake on the date and time of your reservation.

    3. You will need to return your canoe at the
    prearranged return time, between 11 am and noon.  
    Same reason, we cannot store the canoes there, so we will need to retrieve them.

    Why only one daily meeting time?
    The folks who deliver your canoe are the same people who look after the campsites
    and trails on the lake. They need to be out patrolling and maintaining Murtle Lake. If
    you're late for your pick up or return time, that means they're not available to do their
    primary job.

    What happens if you are late picking up or returning
    your canoe?
    Late for pick up... we wait a half hour and leave. You must return at the next pick up
    time (the next morning), and you'll still be charged for the time you missed.
    Late return? The next renter will be tapping their toes at the launch, wondering
    where you are with their canoe...please be considerate of others and return your
    canoe on time.

    The fine print...
    Canoe rentals MUST be prepaid through PayPal. Go to for details.

    You must collect your canoe at the specified meeting time - no canoes are left on site.

    Sorry - No single day rentals.

    Taxes included in price, 5 dollars ($5) per person (13 and older) per night camping fee
    IS NOT Included.

    Twenty dollar ($20) charge for a lost paddle or life jacket.

    Cancellation Policy
    95% of your rental fee will be refunded with more than 3 week's notice.
    80% of your rental fee will be refunded with 1 to 3 week's notice.
    No refund on rentals cancelled with less than 1 week to the pick up date.

    Murtle Canoes is a fully insured operation of Blackwell Parks Ltd.

    What we offer:
    Premium Hellman canoes from the shore of Murtle Lagoon.

    Just grab one of our gear Carts (wheelbarrows or wagons) from the
    parking lot, load your gear, strap on your backpacks and go!  No more
    roof racks or canoe carts!

    Hellman Canoes are hand built in Nelson BC, using an ultralight epoxy
    system called Duralite. They are light, fast and track very well - this is a
    premium canoe that ranks with the top brands in the world according to
    canoeing magazines.

    Some previous experience in a canoe is required. If you
    haven't paddled before, Murtle is not the lake to start on!
Photo: Zowie
Photo: D Cowie
    NEW FOR 2012 - We now
    have a  limited supply of Riot
    kayaks for rent. Please go to for details.

    (Persons wishing to rent these kayaks
    must provide photographic evidence
    emailed to us that they have paddled this
    type of kayak before - absolutely NO first
NOTE: Gear carts are provided for our
customers, and there is usually a good
supply at the parking lot, but during peak
rental season you MAY have to walk to the
lagoon and bring back an empty cart for
transporting your gear to the lagoon.