Wells Gray Park 2018 - Regular park services start beginning of May! North Thompson and Pyramid now accessible. Clearwater Lake/ Clearwater Marine -May 15 opening. Mahood -May 15 opening. Murtle Lake estimated opening- May 21 Please check back for updates as there is a heavy snow load.

The Corridor

The Corridor, aka the Clearwater Valley is a big place….

The starting point for all your maps (0 km) is the Info Centre in Clearwater, so that’s what we’ll call the beginning:

O km - The Info Centre to Hemp Creek

The Info Centre is full of useful info on the park, and more importantly, people who know things! Have a look around, then ask away! We provide them with up to date info on trails, camping conditions, what’s in bloom, where the bears are, etc. And if they don’t know themselves, they know who to ask.
You can get maps there, book trips like the Clearwater Lake Boat Tour or a raft trip, and you can book your B & B or Motel. They have clean washrooms, pay phones, Internet access, a gift shop, camping gear, and refreshments. They also have free guides to the Clearwater Corridor.

10km - Spahats Falls Day Use Area
Home to Spahats Falls, which has carved an enormous canyon out of the layers of lava rock. This place will be unnerving if you have a fear of heights! Also, take the time to walk along Spahats Creek itself; it’s a very lush spot among big firs, cedars, and hemlocks.
Now that you’ve seen the falls, continue on the park road to the Shaden Viewpoint. You won’t be disappointed as this is one of the most spectacular views of the valley, and a great place for a picnic.
Click here to see a 360 ° view of Spahats!

11.5 km - Trophy Mountain
Lake on Trophies - Photo Courtesy of Bradd TuckThis distance is just to the turnoff, the Trophy Mountain trailhead itself is another 13 km on gravel roads. I could explain how to get there, but it’s easier if you just get a map.
The road gets you to a parking lot, which gets you within about an hours’ hike (most guides say 45 minutes, but I’m slow) of the Trophy Mountain Flower Meadows. This is where you cue the theme song to “The Sound of Music”. Coming to see the Trophy Mountain Meadows alone is worth the drive to Wells Gray. While you’re up the road, you should also check out Silvertip Falls.

13-16 km - First, Second, and Third Canyons
These three canyons are worth pulling over to have a quick look at, especially Third Canyon.

22 km - Moul Falls
This is a nice hike, an hour or so each way, with a very rewarding waterfall at the end. Moul Falls has a parking area and some new signage. Finding it is now very easy.

27 km - Battle Mountain Access
Moose - Photo Courtesy of Bradd TuckI’ve never actually been but I hear good things. This trail is not for the beginner, this is for those who want a day or couple of days trek into the mountains. If you truly want to get away from the crowds for a mountain hiking experience, this is a good place to start. Wells Gray Chalet Adventures offers multi-day guided hut to hut hiking on Battle and Trophy mountains.

28 km - Wells Gray Guest Ranch
They have a small western style Saloon and offer guided horseback, canoe and ATV trips.

29 km Wells Gray Air
This is an outstanding way to see Wells Gray Park. Fritz’s plane seats 3 and in a one hour flight will take you over glaciers, mountain peaks, and pristine lakes. For the relatively low cost of this service, this is a must do adventure for your trip - highly recommended.

30 km - Flatiron Trailhead
I note that at least one of the guide books calls this Hemp Creek Canyonlands, but the sign says Flat Iron Trailhead, so that’s what I’ll call it. The first section of this trail is a bit rough due to its heavy use by horses, but if you can get past the ankle twisting rocks, you’ll end up with some stunning views of the Hemp Creek Canyon and the Clearwater River Valley. This is especially true in September as most of this forest is deciduous trees, which hold the brightest fall colours.

34 km - Helmcken Falls Lodge / Wells Gray Golf Course
Helmcken Falls Lodge, built in 1948 as a hunting lodge, is nestled at the entrance to Wells Gray Provincial Park. The main lodge now houses a fully licensed restaurant and lounge, with a full balcony to enjoy the warm summer evenings and bright winter days. Twenty-one rooms and an RV/campsite look across a 9 hole golf course to Trophy Mountain in the background. Open year round, they offer many activities including guided horseback riding, hiking and canoeing in the summer time to cross-country skiing in the winter.

Contact Info:

Helmcken Falls Lodge
Tel. (250) 674-3657
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.helmckenfalls.com

The Wells Gray Golf Course is just down the hill.


  • Clearwater Lake Cabins

    The cabins have been removed. Sorry! :)
    Click here for more info.

  • Good To Know

    There are several picnic stops along the Clearwater River, including Red Springs and Deer Creek.

  • About Clearwater

    About an hour and 20 minute drive north of Kamloops, Clearwater has one or two of everything; a small supermarket(Safety Mart), a hospital, a library, a couple of hardware stores, several auto mechanics, fine dining, and lots of excellent hotels, B and B's, and motels.

    The town is also a hive of outdoor adventure. You can try just about every outdoor activity imaginable, including:

    • Whitewater rafting & kayaking
    • Dog sledding
    • Horseback riding
    • Guided fly fishing
    • Guided canoe adventures
    • Cross country skiing
    • Hiking
  • Blue River

    Blue River is a good place for a pit stop, but don't look for much in the way of facilities. There are several motels and restaurants, a couple gas stations, two general stores, and a medical station. That’s about it. There's no bank, so if you need cash get it in Clearwater or Valemount. The same goes for most groceries and camping supplies.