Wells Gray Park 2018 - Regular park services start beginning of May! North Thompson and Pyramid now accessible. Clearwater Lake/ Clearwater Marine -May 15 opening. Mahood -May 15 opening. Murtle Lake estimated opening- May 21 Please check back for updates as there is a heavy snow load.


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A Hike (or Walk) in the Park
Favourite hikes of Park visitors

Short Hikes – 2 hours or less
Foot Lake
Placid Lake
Helmcken Rim Trail
Ray Farm / Alice Lake / Ray Mineral Spring
Bailey’s Chute / West Lake
Sticta Falls / Dragon’s Tongue
Osprey Falls Viewpoint

Medium Hikes – 1-3 hours
Trophy Mountain Flower Meadows
Placid Lake (Green Mountain) to Whitehorse Bluffs
Pyramid Mountain / Majerus Falls
Clearwater Lake Lookout
Henrietta Lake (Murtle Lake)
File Creek (Murtle Lake)
Moul Falls

Long Hikes – 3-8 hours
Trophy Mountain
Battle Mountain
Flat Iron
Chain Meadows
Horseshoe Falls
Wavy Range (Murtle Lake)
Whale Lake (Mahood Lake)

Hikes for the Very Experienced and Well Equipped
The trail to be base of Helmcken Falls - steep and rocky
Huntley Col - steep and lack of water
Kostal Lake route - extensively grown in and hard to follow
Hobson Lake route - same
Zodiac Mountain - trail no longer traceable

  • Clearwater Lake Cabins

    The cabins have been removed. Sorry! :)
    Click here for more info.

  • Hiking

    Updated Park Trail Information:
    BC Parks and Blackwell Parks Ltd. regularly assess trail conditions during the summer season. Info is posted here, along with the PDF maps: Wells Gray trail condition updates.

    You can find maps here.

  • Clearwater Lake

    New! There is now a small store at Clearwater Lake Campground with pay per use showers, and two cabins for rent. Ice, basic groceries, and some camping type stuff is available.
  • Good To Know

    There are several picnic stops along the Clearwater River, including Red Springs and Deer Creek.

  • About Clearwater

    About an hour and 20 minute drive north of Kamloops, Clearwater has one or two of everything; a small supermarket(Safety Mart), a hospital, a library, a couple of hardware stores, several auto mechanics, fine dining, and lots of excellent hotels, B and B's, and motels.

    The town is also a hive of outdoor adventure. You can try just about every outdoor activity imaginable, including:

    • Whitewater rafting & kayaking
    • Dog sledding
    • Horseback riding
    • Guided fly fishing
    • Guided canoe adventures
    • Cross country skiing
    • Hiking
  • Blue River

    Blue River is a good place for a pit stop, but don't look for much in the way of facilities. There are several motels and restaurants, a couple gas stations, two general stores, and a medical station. That’s about it. There's no bank, so if you need cash get it in Clearwater or Valemount. The same goes for most groceries and camping supplies.