Clearwater and Azure Lake
Boat/Canoe Access Camping
    To Rainbow Falls and Back, a Canoe trip to remember.
    Here's what you need to know:
    You can access Clearwater and Azure Lakes off of Highway 5 by turning north on the Clearwater Valley Road at the
    Clearwater Info Centre. You then follow this road forever(approx. 67 Km's) to the very end  where you will find the
    Boat Launch.

    This is WHERE YOU PAY YOUR CAMPING FEES at the self registration station.
    The  Marine Camping fee is currently: 5 DOLLARS PER PERSON PER NIGHT(Kids under 13 free), in Cash, in
    Advance- No credit cards!
    The Stats:
    Camping locations:
    Clearwater Lake 8  Azure
    Lake 4
    Capacity: 50 or so camping
    parties (2-4 people)
    What's there: fire rings,
    picnic tables, outhouses
    Hot spots: Rainbow falls, 4
    1/2 mile, Barview,
    Average number of parties
    per night: 10 June/Sept, 30
    Things not to miss: Rainbow
    Falls, Osprey nests,Fishing,
The fee vault and  the envelope you
fill out
    The Useful Info:


    .. And you'll need a really good radio, if you want one.

    Canoes and related gear can be rented In Clearwater, or at Clearwater Lake Campground from Clearwater Lake
    Tours(see Links). They also offer daily boat tours and taxi service to Rainbow Falls.

    Clearwater and Azure Lakes offer a family friendly camping experience, with outhouses and picnic tables at
    every campsite, as well as ground mounted Bear Caches, and fire rings.

    Campsites are patrolled and maintained daily. There will be toilet paper in the outhouse.

    The portage trail between the lakes is good, but not very level. This is where you'll do most of the work on your
    trip. Canoe carts are pretty much a waste of time on the main portage because of rocks and some small stairs.
    Boardwalks cover any wet areas.  The portage is about a 20 minute walk one way. I've heard everything from "not
    a problem" to "what a pain" to describe the portage... To each their own I guess.

    There are no cabins for public use on the lake.  Ivor and Osprey campsites are designated "canoe only" as an
    added bonus for canoeists trying to completely avoid power boats.  

    The fishing is pretty good!  It's all rainbow trout, and several locations yield 1-4 lb fish. Locations? Ask the PFO
    staff when you meet them on the lake, they'll tell what gear is hot and where the bite is on.

    The busiest campsites are generally Huckleberry and Barview on Clearwater Lake and 4 and a Half Mile on
    Azure.  Ask your PFO daily for updates on site use.
    Clearwater/Azure Lake FAQ’s        
    1 how do I get there?

    Take highway 5 to Clearwater, turn north at the info Centre, follow the main road for 67 km’s.

    2. How do I pay?

    You pay with cash or travelers check at a self registration station located at the waters edge at the canoe and
    boat launches right at the lake shore- exact change required.  YOU MUST PAY IN ADVANCE- non payment
    could result in eviction.

    3 how much is it?

    5 dollars per person (13 and older) per night. No discount for disabilities or seniors.

    3a What if I want to stay longer?
    When you first register, pay for as many nights as you know you're going to stay...
    If you decide to stay longer, pay any additional fee directly the marine patrol on the lake.
    YOU CANNOT PAY ON THE WAY OUT- this is the same as non payment of fees and could result in fines or

    4 canoe carts?

    Not necessary, nor recommended.

    6 Best places to camp?

    All the sites are nice, Barview, Rainbow Falls, and Huckleberry are the busiest, but also the largest.  Ask the
    Boat Patrol about use levels when you get there… generally there’s always lots of room, but sometimes
    certain sites fill up.

    7 Best places to fish?

    Near creek outlets, river mouths, and waterfalls. Ask the PFO Boat Patrol for current hot spots.

    8> Hiking trails?

    There are a couple, the most used is Eagles View at Divers Bluff, and it’s very steep at the top, so take care.
    The other common hiking trail is Huntley Col at 4 and a 1/2 Mile Campsite. This is much longer and steeper,
    trail condition varies greatly during the year, remember to take water with you.  

    9 What is there in the way of facilities?

    Clearwater and Azure Lakes are wilderness camping with the right perks. All campsites have Bear caches,
    Fire rings, Picnic tables and clean Outhouses with toilet paper.

    10.Animal problems?

    Bears are very rare on the lakes for some reason,  but park staff will advise you if it’s an issue.

    11. Can I bring my dog?

    Yes, but be good about keeping it on a leash and cleaning up its “messes”… this will be enforced by the PFO
    Lake Patrol.

    12. Cooking?  

    You can’t rely on fires to cook, you must bring a camp stove.

    13. Where are the nearest amenities?

    Clearwater has pretty much everything you need in the way of groceries, gas, and accommodations. Ask the
    PFO staff where to get what.

    14. Cell Phones?

    They don’t work in the park.
    Inside tip 1
    Round tripping to Rainbow
    Falls by Canoe? 4 and a
    Half Mile Campsite is the
    "bottleneck" for this trip,
    so ask the PFO Patrol if
    it's busy. Osprey and
    Indian Point are your
    close alternatives.
    Inside tip 2
    Canoeing? Get going
    early. On travel days,
    don't dawdle, get on the
    lake earlier if you want to
    avoid windy conditions.  
    On hot days, a moderate
    wind usually comes up
    about 1 pm and lasts for a
    couple of hours. Wind
    direction is very
    unpredictable, especially
    on Azure Lake.
    Inside tip 3
    The River Channel
    I won't offer advice to
    Power Boaters on how to
    navigate the channel,
    maps are available and  
    you do this at your own
    risk.  However I suggest
    only experienced boaters
    with a 9.9 horsepower
    engine or stronger even
    Inside tip 4
    The River Channel for
    Stay off the Navigation
    route on the maps if you
    can, this line is marked
    for power boaters and does
    not apply to canoes. THE
    Inside tip 5
    During parts of June and
    sometimes early July,
    water levels in the River
    Channel between the lakes
    can be too high and swift
    for passage by canoes, see
    Clearwater Lake Tours for
    Water Taxi options, or for
    info on the extended
    portage route.
    Inside tip 6
    Use the Park Patrol to your
    advantage. The PFO staff
    are on the lake every day.  
    They can travel much
    faster than you,  and have
    current knowledge of what
    campsites are busy and
    which ones are free. They
    also usually know the
    weather forecast, fishing
    conditions,  about firewood,
     where that big group of
    kids is camped, and other
    info that may affect your
    plans (Not to mention the
    fact they're very friendly).
These are some of rules that
you should know:
1. No Commercial Guided
Groups (see links for
allowable guide company's to
escort  your commercial party )

2.You must pay in advance,
failure to do so will result in
immediate eviction and
possible fines

3.Cutting down your own
Firewood (trees) is grounds for
fines and eviction- so is
possession of a firearm* or a
chainsaw. Some firewood may
be supplied by staff.

4.No Personal watercraft! (IE
Jet ski's
this is not a complete list of rules,
so consult with BC Parks Official
Website before going to the lake.
Clearwater Lake- looking north
Azure Lake
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