Employment Opportunities in Wells Gray
We are once again taking applications for the 2005 Season.

At least 2 fulltime positions are  available.

free Accommodation,
you live on site in one of 2 cabins with showers running water, flush
toilets propane fridge, stove and lights, but no electricity....

Pay rate starts at $10.50 cdn per hour, most or all jobs are a 40 hour week on a split shift - you
work mornings, have the afternoon off, then work evenings.
Generally all positions run from now to September 1
or 30th.

JOB description

Clearwater Campground Staff

The Clearwater Lake campground jobsite is the most varied and is the largest in number of
campsites of any area we operate. It  requires special attention to safety and security due to its
remoteness.   If you have real concerns about your ability to get the job done on time or in a
safe manner, please discuss this with your supervisor as soon as possible.

Regular shift staff will be 2 people working together on a split shift, starting at   9 or 10 am until
1 or 2 pm, then  sometimes separately for collection on shift again from 5pm until 9pm.  Shift
starting times will vary with hours of daylight and business changes.  We will give you
appropriate notice time when we wish to change up your shift.

Area of Operations: Clearwater lake/Falls Creek Campground, Boat launch, local park trails
and trailheads, day use areas, corridor areas, the local landfill and occasional trips to town.

Job description: you may or will be asked to perform the following  daytime tasks:
•        Painting and staining, including all equipment and cleaning tasks related to these jobs.
•        Yard work including: Weed eating, lawnmowing, brush cutting with machines,
brushcutting with hand snips, handling lawn clippings, tree limbs, wood, firewood. Trail hiking
and maintenance, Leaf blowing, street sweeping or cleaning.
•        Campsite cleanup including: raking and garbage clean up, table base sweeping. Table
washing, fire pit clean out, fee tag removal.
•        Outhouse clean up: washing interiors and exteriors of outhouses, including seats, towers
inside and out,  floors, walls, roofs, etc. toilet paper and deodorant replacement.
•        Garbage collection: removal of garbage, replacement of bags in the manner you will be
trained in, cleaning of garbage cans periodically, recycling, delivery of garbage to the garbage
corral or the TNRD landfill.
•        Cleaning/ minor repairs to all park facilities identified by us as your responsibility
•        Security patrols
•        Filling the trucks with gasoline and supplies

You will not be asked to do the following daytime tasks:
•        Chainsaw work
•        Lifting of objects over 50 kilograms without assistance
•        Plumbing, gas or electrical repairs, unless you are experienced and qualified, and have
our permission.
•        Power equipment service or maintenance, (ie oil changes) beyond basic daily operational
Maintenance(changing weed eater line, gasing up lawn mowers, boats and trucks, etc)
•        Truck servicing or repair, other than emergency repairs like flat tire changes.

Daily schedule is as follows:

•        Pick up the truck and make sure its properly stocked as per your supply list.
•        Clean outhouses (outlined on your daily task checklist) and collect garbage at  the
campground, picnic site, and Boat Launch.
•        Collect garbage, pick up any garbage in parking lots, and clean flush toilet facilities at
any trail heads or day use areas.
•        Sort recyclables out of garbage.
•        Dump garbage in garbage corral.
•        Refill truck with fuel if below ½ tank
•        Return to park to clean campsites and pull tags.
•        Do any assigned landscaping/yard work tasks as per weekly duty sheet.
•        Check sheet for corridor cleaning schedule and do tasks as listed.
•        Stock truck with firewood for evening shift- fill extra wood tubs.
End morning shift.

Start evening shift
•        Pickup and refill collection supplies, ensure that you have enough Mcbee forms, pens,
change, and self reg envelopes to complete your evening rounds.
•        Make sure the truck is full of firewood, and that fire is secure enough to handle any travel.
•        Proceed to campsite and begin collection and evening firewood sales round as per
instructions in that subsection.
•        Complete one round, and a second compliance round, then do evening check of
washrooms,  and do security check of day use areas if necessary.
•        At dusk, proceed to boat launch in same vehicle as your shift partner, retrieve fees from
fee vaults.
•        Write down plate numbers of all vehicles in boat launch parking lot on supplied sheet.
•        Return to campsite and do a second collection round.  If you need to kill time, do any
maintenance tasks missed during morning rounds.
•        Pick up any late arriving campers, do security and noise rounds every half hour until end
of shift.
•        Return truck to starting point, lock up collection materials.
End shift.

You will also be given a weekly maintenance schedule of tasks that need to be done on a
regular basis, or are dependent on weather, growing conditions etc.  

If , for some reason, you re unable to complete any of these tasks due to time, supply, or
equipment problems, please inform your supervisor at the earliest possible convenience.

We are also be looking for
Volunteer Park Hosts(non-paid) for live in positions at North
Thompson and Pyramid Campgrounds- length of stay is negotiable, but must be at least 3
weeks. We provide a free campsite, some service support(propane,etc), and hosting
materials.  Interested parties will need their own accommodations(trailer/motorhome), should
be very independent, and be willing to live in somewhat "self-contained" conditions.  This is not
part of the old BC Parks Host Program, but former participants in that program are welcome
and encouraged to take part.  Want to know more?

Drop us an e-mail or a note in the mail.

box 4088 RR2
Clearwater BC
V0E 1N0