Wells Gray Park 2016 – Regular park services start beginning of May!


Helmcken FallsWells Gray Provincial Park is one of Canada’s hidden jewels. One of Wells Gray Park’s nicknames is “the Waterfall Park”, because of Helmcken, Dawson, Rainbow, Osprey and the other waterfalls that dot the Park. But really, that’s just the tip of what there is to experience in Wells Gray.

It’s also home to black bears, grizzlies, moose, mountain goats, caribou, wolves, cougar and many other animal species. The fishing is amazing, not just for the quality of the Rainbow trout and salmon, but also for the astonishing beauty of the places you can choose to fish. Anglers come from all over the continent just to fly fish in parts of Wells Gray.

Flora? How do 500 year old cedar trees, alpine meadows carpeted in blooms of every color, and roadways lined with wildflowers sound?Trophy Meadows

Wells Gray is known for its wide range of natural landscapes; everything from glaciers to moose meadows, ancient cedar forests, extinct volcanoes, and unspoiled lakes, to recent forest fire burns coming back to life.

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  • Clearwater Lake Cabins

    Cabins are located in adjacent sites 34 and 38 in Clearwater Lake Campground and include the campsite for parking a car, truck, or an RV at no extra charge.

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    The new BC Parks Discover Camping Backcountry Registration System allows you to pay your camping fees before leaving home. This service provides the convenience of paying the registration fee by credit card and eliminates the need to fill out a registration form at the park. There are no additional fees to register.
    (Note: For your safety, staff at marine campsites (Murtle and Clearwater/Azure lakes) request that even if you have pre-paid your camping fees that you fill out a registration form with your name and the colour of your canoe or kayak. Please add a copy of your camping fees receipt to the envelope.)

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