Water line replacement
contract for Mahood Lake
Scope of the job - replace white 2 inch pvc
with 2 inch black potable water line in the
campground area shown on the inset map.  

Water line consists of three branch lines
teeing off from a well house located near the
 host site.  All new line will run in ditches and
will include low point drains as per old
system.  All stand pipes and junction boxes
may be salvagable(anything at isn't will be
covered by us), but one new standpipe will
be added to the system as well near the
playfield overflow.  Line must be buried back
below frost level, better than 3 feet.  any
road crossings will be required to be

You will need to connect the black potable
water line back into a long existing PVC line
running up to a residence, and into the
recently upgraded well house.  (The
residence line WILL NOT be replaced at this

Estimated materials list:
1800 feet of 2 inch Black potable water line

12 low point drains( taps and connectors)

5  3 way water line junctions and junction

one new  water tap connection... ie
connector from black line to metal water pipe
to tap mounted in a cedar post (we'll supply
the post)

Project start date any time after labour
day- completion before October 10th