Coin Showers at Clearwater Lake Campground

Coin Op Showers
At the Clearwater Campground Store

They take 2 dollar coins only- bring your Twoonies!


1.        Get ready for your shower before depositing coin(s) -
undressed, soap/shampoo handy, etc.
2.        Deposit coins and step into shower stall- water should
start flowing almost immediately.
3.        Hot and cold water temperature can be adjusted with

You get 2 minutes of time with every two dollar coin.  You can
insert as many coins as you want in advance(3 coins = six
minute shower), or add them one at a time.

If the shower is dirty or won’t work, please contact park staff.

So why do you have to pay for a shower?
This shower building is not a BC Parks Government facility, it is
operated by the parks contractor on cost return basis in hopes
you will enjoy a longer cleaner stay in Wells Gray.